Currency Converter Widget - FREE Embeddable Plugin for All Sites

Plugins, widgets, apps are created for our everyday use. They vary in complexity and functionality. Quick and easy operations/services that they present to us are always targeting some specific feature. Those features will simplify and speed up the process and save us tons of time. Currency widget is our daily companion either for personal reasons or professional. Read the article to find more about the widget from Mconvert. And contact us if you have an issuer/offer or just something to say to our team.

How to install currency converter plugin on your website

Let’s get to know our widget closer and learn the process of installation. It’s easy, fast and doesn’t require any specific skills. Here are the main steps:

Step 1. Choose currencies to convert

Start with choosing the currencies that will be displayed on your website. We have a huge list of world currencies (190 if we are being precise) that you can pick from. The first one is the main currency and the second one is a foreign pair.

Step 2. Choose size, theme, language and font size

There are two options for the size: 200x300 or Autosize. Auto is the most popular because it’ll automatically implemented onto your website but if you are interested in a specific size then 200x300 is your choice. We have 6 themes for Mconvert currency converter plugin. Choose one out of 13 available languages. Add font preferences and go to the next step.

Reset form

Preview. This option will let you see the final look of your widget. If you are satisfied, you can finish installation or get back and make some more changes to the previously mentioned features. There is also a “Reset form” button that will drop all the modifications if you want to start over.

Step 3. Add bellow code to your site, do not modify this code

Add the code to your website. Do not forget that you MUST NOT modify it. If you do, it might not work or function. Take a look at the screenshot for more details and visual instruction.

Why do you need Mconvert currency converter widget?

Information rules the world. In our times it’s easier to stay informed with the help of internet and globalization. Mconvert has created currency converter widget for ALL websites and of course the main bonus is that it’s FREE. Person whose life and career is tightly connected to e-commence, online trades, international stock exchange markets, money transactions, business or blogging can stay up to date 24/7 every day. Basically, the main purpose of the widget is to make your life easier and have access to exchange rates of chosen currencies whenever or wherever you need. All the calculation can be done directly on your website, no need to search or open any application. We are going to introduce you to Mconvert plugin, it’s main features, styles, advantages and tell you everything there is to know about it. Keep reading.

Main features of Mconvert currency converter widget

You have been introduced to our plugin. But there are still a few features that we need to mention.

  • Let’s take a closer look to all the available styles. Screenshots below will display every color theme for the Mconvert plugin. There 6 of them: blue, dark blue, yellow, green, red and grey. Install currency converter widget red Install currency converter widget orange Install currency converter widget green Install currency converter widget grey Install currency converter widget blue Install currency converter widget light blue
  • While choosing the language, you can see that there are a few of them and to be precise 13: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, French, Chinese, Ukrainian, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Arabic and Portuguese.
  • Moving to the most important part - currencies. We have a list of 190+ world currencies with the package of the most popular cryptocurrencies. You can create any currency pair, so the list can be endlessly long, e.g. US Dollars to Euro, Australian Dollars to Indian Rupees, Chinese Yuan to Korean Won, Russian Rubles to Euro, Canadian Dollars to Mexican Peso etc.
  • Of course do not forget our currency converter widget is FREE for everyone. There is no need to sign up or register. No personal information is going to be collected or stored. The plugin is strictly focused on conversions and doesn’t use private data of our users/visitors.

How to use our free currency converter plugin

Our widget is extremely simple to use. When the widget is installed/embedded all you need to do is type the sum of money that you are going to convert, choose two specific currencies and press “Calculate”. Easy. And you are going to have your answer right away instantly. Of course there is also a WordPress Currency Converter Widget. Get this one is you are a WP user and in need of an awesome currency plugin. Cheers!

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