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Welcome! We are pleased to see you. Thanks for taking an interest in our Currency Exchange Rates Widget. The search is over because you have found the perfect one. This article will walk you through some of the most important features and be your installation guide. Pay attention to what it has to offer to our users and what kind of functions are included. We’ll cover all blank spaces and will let you know what are the main advantages. Check out the next paragraph and see what else is there to find on our website. We take finances very serious and it’s our priority to provide you with necessary tools that will be your daily help.

Install free currency exchange rates widget on your website

There are a few simple steps to become a member of Mconvert exchange rates club. You’ve probably already figured out how to install the plugin. But let’s make sure that everything is understood and answer all possible questions that might pop up. 4 easy steps:

Step 1. Please choose your base currency and amount

Choose the source currency. It’s going to be the basic one, displayed at the top of your future widget. Type the amount of money that will be constantly shown (also at the top). It can be any amount so don’t hesitate to choose.

Step 2. Choose currencies which you want to see in your widget

The second step is all about choosing secondary currencies. You can see two boxes. Click on the currencies in the left box to add them to the right (they will be displayed within the widget). To remove currencies from the right box also click on them. Currency exchange rates plugin is halfway done.

Click to Add / Remove currency from / to the lists

Step 3. Choose width for your widget, language and theme ;)

We are moving to language, font, size and theme. All those positions can be modified by you. Give it a try and with “Preview” you can see how the widget will look on your website. It will give you a chance to blend into your site’s background and color scheme.

Reset form

Step 4. Add bellow code to your site, do not modify this code.

Last but not least. You are going to embed the final code. Do not change anything. It contains all the necessary modifications and presets. Copy and paste. This is it. You are finally a Mconvert widget user. Welcome.

Advantages of currency exchange rates plugin

As our modern world keeps progressing, we become more and more intertwined. It’s easier to travel to far away countries, buy foreign goods, trade with neighboring states and not just neighboring. Globalization rally us closer to each other no matter what part of the world we call home. With it money reach a certain level of importance. It’s not just about our home country currency. Awareness is a key to transformation. Staying up to date means information. With the help of Mconvert Free Currency Exchange Rates Widget it’s possible to always stay aware of financial situation on currency market. We are offering an everyday convenience. Small things make our lives easier, more comfortable and reliable. 13 languages are making our project international. In the future we hope to expand this number, reach out to all the remaining parts of the world. Become a part of the family now.

Comparison of currency converter and currency exchange rates widget

There are two widgets presented by Mconvert. They both are in money related theme but have a few differences. Let’s discuss what features set them apart.

  1. Let’s take a look at the widgets side by side. On the left you can see an illustration of USD/EUR currency converter widget (follow the link to check it out and on the right you can see Exchange Rates Widget for 100 EUR in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Chinese Yuan, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Russian Ruble.
    Currency converter widget installCurrency exchange rates widget install
  2. For exchange rates plugin you can place the amount of main currency and track it’s dynamics in other currencies. Basically you will constantly know how much is 100 Euro in US Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Russian Ruble etc. Picked currencies (during installation) will be displayed 24/7. You will be able to change them only if you change the basic settings.
  3. Currency converter, meanwhile, will let you convert a specific amount of money from one currency to another. This amount can be changed and modified by you any time you make a conversion without making changes to basic settings.
  4. Number of currencies. With converter there are only two currencies that can be used for one conversion. For currency exchange rates widget you choose one basic currency and required amount of currencies for automatic conversions.

Why choose Mconvert currency exchange rates widget?

There are always going to be alternative versions of converters. But there are a few things that will set Mconvert apart.

  • Customer support is our advantage, we take it seriously and want our users to have the best experience with widgets and plugins;
  • Free currency exchange rates widget, we don’t take any payments and there is no registration requirements. Install and Go;
  • Mconvert doesn’t store or collect personal data.

We want to create the best impression and if there are any offers or suggestions, please use our Contact Form to reach out and write us an email. We will do our best to meet your needs and expectations. Go test new widget and let it do its job. Cheers!

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